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Nadine's Story

An organ, eye, and tissue donation transplant coordinator, Nadine brings hope to grieving families on their worst days. While it’s not easy to meet with families who’ve just lost a loved one, she also gets to be their rainbow after the storm.

After college, Nadine was searching for a career in the medical field and once she heard about the University of Toledo’s donation science program, she knew she found it. The training prepared her for the various facets of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Each day Nadine coordinates all phases of donation. From matching organs to donors, prepping for surgery and coordinating paperwork, no two days are ever the same. It’s unpredictable work that she mentally prepares for each day by listening to a playlist inspired by donor families.

Her favorite phase of the donation is the surgery. “It’s when it becomes more concrete. The donor is on their way to save someone’s life,” Nadine says, “And the recipient’s new chapter is starting.”

Nadine is a true healthcare hero who helps makes organ, eye, and tissue donation possible.

If you are a healthcare worker who’d like to become involved in helping organ donation, please contact SCTF@odh.ohio.gov.