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Calvin's Story

After 36-year-old Calvin suffered a brain aneurysm, doctors did everything they could to save his life. When he died, his family was faced with an important decision. Calvin had never talked about organ donation. But knowing Calvin's loving and generous nature, his family was sure he would want to help someone else if he could.

Sean, the minister at the family's church, assured them that organ donation is not against their Christian beliefs, and is in line with almost all other faiths. This helped the family make the decision to donate Calvin's eyes, tissues and kidneys.

"Donation is a blessing. You're losing someone dear to you, but through the gift of donation, a part of that person is still here," says Calvin’s mother, Jean. "We encourage other families to make the same decision."

Each August, the month that Calvin passed away, his church honors him with an organ donor registration drive. The church also continues to work throughout the year with Lifeline of Ohio to promote organ donation.